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 Naslov: Nema više Flytec-Braunigera....
PostPostano: pet 23 pro, 2016 8:26 
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Email koji sam jučer dobio:

Dear friends and pilots,

as you may have been informed in the meantime the Flytec-Germany GmbH will be closed to the 31.12.2016. Please see also attached farewell information. I personally would like to thank you as well all for the good and very friendly partnership connections all over the years!

As my business mail account has been deleated meanwhile and I want to give you further technical support - if needed - please find here my private mail address: willershausen@online.de

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Wolf Willershausen

Dear para and hang-glider pilots, dear friends worldwide!

About 40 years ago Peter Bräuniger and Wolf Willershausen have founded
as pioneers in aviation the company Bräuniger Flugelektronik GmbH, and
quite some of you are associated since this time as loyal customers and
even friends.
Wolf and Peter have developed and built flight instruments, upon which relied
leading pilots in worldwide competitions, as also the beginner at local flight aerea.
Sales promotion was not really needed, one or two visits a year to a trade show
and advertising in specialized magazines, as well as a successful word of mouth
were sufficient for guiding the pilots and dealers to us.
Thanks to robust, reliable and innovative technology, together with the best
possible service, our products were perfectly well-established in the market.
During the year 2003 Peter and Wolf handed over the baton to the Swiss
Flytec AG, their toughest competitor at that time, and they retired on grounds
of age. There followed some zig zag course decisions issued by the new management, which were more or less successful, but now is unfortunately the time to make
a quite harsh crash-landing, so to speak.

The Flytec-Germany company site Weilheim shall be definitely closed this week.

This is extremely sad, however, there is a double glimmer of light on the horizon:
the company Naviter in Slovenia will step into big footprints by manufacturing
our Vario series „Element“, apart from their proven high-end products „Oudie“.
Therefore, they shall again provide you next year with a technically high-grade
and reliable basic instrument.

Furthermore, our long-standing service engineer, Hans Kothe, who has serviced
responsibly your „sick or crashed“ Varios for many years, shall continue his work
independently on his own. You will find his actual contact data on the Flytec website under „News“.
We dare to wish that you will be loyal to Naviter and Hans and that you will
trust our products also in the future.

We very sincerely thank all pilots, friends and distributors worldwide for their
loyalty, in particular also the DHV-team in Gmund.

Cooperation with everyone of you was kind of real teamwork, with fair give and take
for both sides. Leading pilots, such as Corinna Schwiegershausen, Ewa Wisnierska,
Nicole Fedele, Manfred Ruhmer, as also many competition pilots worldwide, have achieved their tournament victory by use of our instruments.

Regina of DHV was reliably present at all competitions with our „vario-emergency kit“
in order to offer help or assistance, whenever it was necessary.

Hey folks, we truly will miss you very much and especially your communication with
thousands of e-mails or phone calls around the globe! Most of the time it was
interesting or even funny information, but sometimes there were sad news.
But anyway, we always have been in close touch. We sincerely hope that you too, you will miss us sometimes.

We want to thank you all very warmly for many years of on-the-job enjoyment.

Your long-time Bräuniger/Flytec team:
Norbert Zech - manager, our youngster
Andrea Janku - office
Hans Kothe and Mike Pinteritsch - service
Annelies Großkopf - production and shipping
Maria Klein - accounting
and, last but not least: Peter and Wolf, our good souls from the early days

Weilheim, December, 2016

LP Darko

Paramotus vita est !

 Naslov: Re: Nema više Flytec-Braunigera....
PostPostano: pet 23 pro, 2016 13:14 
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Long live The Brauniger !

RIP :(

PooozzdrAV !


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