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 Naslov: Novi PPG tandem Oyone MagMax 2
PostPostano: čet 23 svi, 2019 12:30 
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New tandem MagMax 2 is here!

The MagMax 2 is derived from the Magnum 3 and has been specifically adapted for foot launch paramotor and lightweight trike use. Includes special paramotor risers with tip steering and larger trimmer range. Certified DGAC and EN B in both 38 and 41 sizes the MagMax 2 is suitable for experienced qualified tandem pilots.

New MagMax 2 is all new design includes significant upgrades in durability, comfort, and ease, with massive improvements in the areas of launch, landing, and in-flight agility. An obvious benefit of reduced sail weight is improved launch behaviour. No-wind inflations - even with the trimmers in the slow position – are incredibly easy. The slow trim setting allows a slower take-off speed in a shorter distance for easier launches, and better overall sink rate, higher climb rates and lighter brake pressure.

A powerful and easily accessible flare was a primary focus. There is no special technique required: the MagMax 2 “pops” up in the flare, creating lift and killing forward speed. Even with novice passengers at max loads in imperfect conditions, the MagMax 2’s landing is simple.

MagMax 2 is now available to order. Check your order form for a usual demo deal for one wing each size available from 25 April 2019.

More: https://www.flyozone.com/paramotor/products/gliders/mamax-2


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